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Data Archive and Portal (DAP)

Primary Objective

Provide initiative participants and data users with a distributed system—a Wind Cloud—that functions as a repository for all A2e data. This Wind Cloud will be accessible via an open, secure, and easy-to-navigate user interface that facilitates community data access, interaction, and collaboration.

The Data Archive and Portal, or DAP, establishes a sustained data management structure with protocols and access to assure massive datasets resulting from A2e efforts will have the quality needed for scientific discovery and portals required to make data available to a broad stakeholder group. The DAP will collect, store, catalog, process, preserve, and disseminate all significant A2e data—and ultimately all historical wind data supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy—with state-of-the-art technology while conforming to or defining new industry data standards. The DAP also will provide state-of-the-science data services crucial for advancing A2e research, communications, and wind knowledge discovery.

Focus Area Goals

  • Collect, store, and preserve A2e data
  • Securely store proprietary data
  • Afford timely, open, and reliable data access
  • Establish industry standards to enable data discovery and integration
  • Enable science to reduce model uncertainties

Use the "data" tab (in the menu bar) to learn more about the data hosted by the DAP. To download data: register for an account, sign in, and browse available datasets.

Use the "projects" tab (in the menu bar) to learn more about projects funded by A2e.