Performance, Risk, Uncertainty, and Finance (PRUF)

Primary Objective

Increase the deployment of wind energy by lowering the actual and perceived risks and uncertainties associated with developing, investing in, owning, and operating wind power plants.

Part of a multidisciplinary effort integrating infrastructure planning and financial portfolio assessment, the Performance, Risk, Uncertainty, and Finance, or PRUF, Focus Area investigates the impact that project uncertainties have on financial structures, capital costs, perceptions of financial risk, and levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for wind. As part of PRUF, the complete set of uncertainties associated with wind projects will be catalogued, along with decision criteria for considering these uncertainties within financial structures. To narrow the scope and prioritize activities for PRUF and A2e, these uncertainties will be evaluated for importance, impact, and influence. In-scope uncertainties will be examined in greater detail with effort taken to collect representative data, examine the financial implications of variations, and quantify opportunities.

Focus Area Goals

  • Improve trust, data sharing, and communication among industry stakeholders
  • Identify, target, and reduce specific wind plant uncertainties and financial risks
  • Reduce the perception or risk and illuminate actual risks to a broad audience
  • Improve project financial assessments for current and future wind power plants
  • Communicate high-value research and development opportunities to the wind research community