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Microwave Radiometer • UND Radiometrics MWR, Rufus • Reviewed Data


Reviewed dataset that also includes post-reprocessed level1 and level2 data files from November 2015 to May 2016 (refer to "Additional Information").

Monitor real-time profiles of temperature (K), water vapor (gm-3), relative humidity (%), and liquid water (gm-3) up to 10 km.

Data Quality

Same as for mwr.z03.


Same as for mwr.z03.


Same as for mwr.z03.


Same as mwr.z03.

More Information

A detailed overview of the mwr data already is associated to mwr.z03 and the raw dataset mwr.z02.00.

Because it was not possible to perform the LN2 calibration at the time of the deployment (November 2015), the University of Notre Dame team has post-reprocessed the level0 files (where the brightness temperatures are saved) with information from the LN2 calibration performed in May 2016 to re-retrieve the atmospheric profiles saved in the Level 2 files from November 2015 to May 2016.

Therefore, the present dataset contains the post-reprocessed level1 and level2 data files from November 2015 to May 2016. After May 05, 2016, no post-reprocessing was needed.

IMPORTANT 1: Due to the IRT sensor failure on December 09, 2016, data do not have reliable liquid water profiles and cloud information since December 09, 2016. The IRT failure does not affect temperature, relative humidity, and water vapor profiles.

IMPORTANT 2: Because of a bug in the Radiometrics reprocessing software, the first two profiles in each of the post-reprocessed Level 2 data files from November 2015 to May 2016 should be discarded. A new version of the data will be provided if and when Radiometrics provides a new version of the software.


None provided


Variable Units
Temperature K
Water vapor gm-3
Relative humidity %
Liquid water gm-3
Data Summary & Access
Project wfip2
Dataset Name mwr.z02.b0
DOI 10.21947/1349276
File Type(s) nc csv
File Count 8,740
Total Size 4 GB
Start Date 2015 11 19
End Date 2017 01 27

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Laura Leo
University of Notre Dame